Do you want to be more active? Join a gym? Play a team sport? We can support you in kicking off an active lifestyle or even taking your sporting talent to a state or national level. 

Start planning your sport and exercise journey with your coordinator today! 


Getting physically active 

Physical activity includes almost anything that gets your body moving and your heart beating faster, including: 

  • Team and solo sports 
  • Exercise 
  • Incidental movement, like housework 
  • Work activities, like lifting 

Getting enough exercise each week benefits your physical health and mental wellbeing. 

  • It helps build healthy bones, muscles and joints 
  • It improves heart health 
  • It helps prevent chronic diseases, like type two diabetes 
  • It prevents unhealthy weight gain 
  • It reduces your risk of injury 
  • It makes you feel good 
  • It lets you enjoy time with friends 
  • It can be a lot of fun 

Physical activity can be done at almost any level of mobility or skill. Yet compared to 79 per cent of all Victorians, only 24 per cent of people living with a disability participate in sport and exercise. 

When you live with a disability, things like health conditions, lack of understanding and social stigma can make exercising and playing sports difficult. Finding a place to exercise like a park, gym or sporting club that offers barrier-free access can be challenging.  

We understand how limiting this can feel, so we offer a wide range of sports and exercise programs. 


Sport and exercise programs

Mildura Basketball for All 

This group of keen basketballers gets together for a mix of skills training and friendly games each week at the Mildura Hothouse. 

This program is a great way to have fun and get a sense of achievement and is open to people of all ages and abilities living in Mildura and Mallee. 

Volunteer coaches and support workers are often involved in helping participants learn new skills and achieve new sporting goals, with modified rules and activities to make gameplay more accessible. 

Available in Mildura.


How do I get sport or exercise in my NDIS Plan? 

If you’d like to be more active, you may be eligible for support to exercise or play sports through the NDIS.  

Before your plan review, think about what type of exercise you’d like to do and why. You’ll also need to consider what support you’ll need to participate in the activity.  

You might be able to you NDIS funding to cover training, transport, equipment, a personal trainer, or a support worker to help you.