What is Community Fundraising?

Do you want to help make the everyday better for people living with disability and their families while supporting us? Why not create your own fundraising event?

Community fundraising is a fun way to get your friends excited about the essential work at Lifely and raise some funds for new projects and services.

Put the fun in fundraising.

There are hundreds of creative ways you can raise funds for us. Here are just a few ideas… but feel free to use your imagination!

  • Run your own events, such as a movie night, casual dress day or an accessible dance party, and encourage mates to donate.
  • Clean out unwanted items from your home with a garage sale, and donate the proceeds to us
  • Get your school involved with a dress-up day or book sale.

Gifts in celebration.

Are you having your birthday, engagement, or wedding? Tell your friends and family that you would like them to donate to Lifely instead of giving you gifts.

Gifts in memory.

A gift in memory is also a lovely way to honour the life of a loved one who’s passed. Friends and family can donate to Lifely in place of flowers at a funeral.

Gifts, grants and philanthropy

Our team is passionate about working with our awesome donors to create opportunities that ensure your gift is used in a way that’s meaningful to you, such as

  • Funding programs that align with your philanthropic focus
  • Meaningful engagement with our communities
  • Exclusive invitations to events
  • Positive media exposure
  • Updates on the impact of your support

We look forward to working with you to learn more about your philanthropic vision and interests. 

Ready, set, fundraise

Let us know how you’d like to raise funds for us, and we’ll get in touch about our fundraising guidelines. Well, also send you an Authority to Fundraise form.

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