As a registered plan manager, we’re here to help you get the most from your NDIS Plan. We do this by taking on the burden of managing financial administration that goes along with your plan.  

With less stress and more time, you can focus on what’s important, work towards your goals, and be confident that your NDIS funds and paperwork are being cared for. 

What is plan management? 

Plan management is one of the options for managing your NDIS Plan. It gives you more freedom and control over your NDIS budget while reducing time-consuming administration such as bookkeeping, audits and budgeting. 

Plan management has a lot of benefits for participants and carers. 


Flexibility to choose your providers 

With plan management, you have more versatility in how you use your NDIS funds. You can pick the providers you want, and it doesn’t matter if they’re NDIS registered or unregistered. 

You might need help finding a new provider. Our team know the local industry and are objective. We can help find providers near you that meets your unique needs so that you can make the right choice for your life. 


Less paperwork and red tape 

Navigating the NDIS can be challenging, time-consuming and even frustrating. 

Plan management is a good option if you’re a busy person who wants more oversight and control over your NDIS Plan but doesn’t have the time or skills to do the behind-the-scenes work. 

As your plan manager, we can submit claims to the NDIS portal, pay your invoices and help with any NDIS related issues. 

You have complete oversight of your NDIS spending. We keep track of your NDIS funding and budgets and send you a personalised statement each month to make staying up-to-date easy. 

Unlike self-management, you don’t need to participate in any payment auditing. You won’t have to provide invoices, receipts or other evidence to the NDIA to show how you spent your NDIS funds. We take care of that for you. 


Professionals you can trust 

When you’re looking for a plan manager, it’s critical to pick people you trust.  

Our team of plan managers are highly qualified and experienced. You can trust we know our stuff and have checks and controls to make sure your plan is managed per NDIS guidelines. 

You’re an individual, which is why we believe a personal touch is essential. We allocate a dedicated plan manager that understands you, your circumstances and your local community. 


Faster payments 

You can be positive that your NDIS claims and payments are being processed quickly. Most invoices are processed within one to three business days. 

We use dedicated plan management software to promptly validate your claims against NDIS rules, claim via the NDIA portal and deliver faster provider payments and remittances. 


No out-of-pocket expenses  

Every NDIS participant is eligible to have plan management included in their plan. Plan management comes at no cost to you and does not reduce your funding in other support areas. 

If you choose plan management, the NDIS will pay a set-up fee and monthly fee straight to your plan manager to support you. 


How do I get plan management from the NDIS? 

Anyone with an NDIS Plan can choose to use plan management. You simply need to ask the NDIS for it at an NDIS Plan or Plan Review meeting. You can also do it mid-plan by telephoning the NDIS on 1800 800 110 or getting in touch with your local area coordinator. 

Find out How to include plan management in your NDIS plan.