What is advocacy? 

At its core, disability advocacy is about promoting and protecting the human rights of people living with a disability. 

Advocates work closely with people with a disability and families, to help them to speak out or fix access and discrimination issues. 

Advocates help in several ways: 

  • Sharing human rights information  
  • Supporting people to uphold their rights  
  • Seeking solutions  
  • Raising awareness of problems 
  • Identifying discrimination 
  • Helping negotiate the complaints process 
  • Referring to legal professionals

Professionals you can trust 

When you’re looking for an advocate, it’s critical to pick someone you can trust.  

You’re an individual, which is why we believe a personal touch is essential. We allocate a dedicated advocate that understands you, your circumstances and your local community.


A free, independent and objective service 

Advocacy is free of charge. Bendigo Health’s Carer Support Services has generously funded the disability advocacy service to support you to: 

The advocates are independent of Lifely. Advocates act solely in your interests and help you exercise choice and control over your NDIS experience. 

You can be a Lifely participant, but you don’t have to be to access the service.