Let’s work together 

Lifely is open to partnering with like-minded businesses and organisations to make the everyday better for people living with a disability and their families.

There are several ways your business can partner with us:

Volunteer as a team.

We love our volunteers and welcome any staff from businesses who wish to give their time.

Volunteers help our team prepare programs, support participants socially at events and camps, and lend a hand with marketing and fundraising. Many also donate their professional services to help us achieve our goals.

Currently, our board and its sub-committees are entirely made-up of volunteers. We’re always interested in speaking with potential board members and encouraging people of all backgrounds to get in touch.

Support programs and events.

Most of our support services and programs operate with NDIS or government funding.

Sometimes we see a need in the community and want to help, but the money to get started isn’t available through the usual channels. And we need to seek the help of corporate partners, grants and donations.

In these cases, we can offer reputable businesses with similar values the opportunity to partner with us or sponsor these much-needed programs and events.

Not only will your partnership help deliver vital services for regional people with a disability, but it’s also an effective way to grow your business.

Think you can help? Let’s chat about how we can work together.

Make a donation.

Donations help us to support people with a disability living in regional Australia through essential programs and events.

We’re always appreciative of how generous our local business communities can be. We’re grateful to all businesses that make financial donations and provide in-kind professional services, equipment for programs, and giveaway or raffle items.

Here are some more ideas on ways you can help:

  • Casual Friday collections
  • Workplace giving
  • Matched giving
  • In-kind donations (donations of goods and services)
  • Fundraising events
  • Corporate challenges

Financial donations to Lifely of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

Fundraise for us.

Everyone can be a hero when it comes to raising funds for a cause they’re passionate about. That’s why corporate fundraising is not only a great way to build team spirit, but it’s an easy way to raise funds for our programs.

  • Name Lifely as your “Charity of Choice.”
  • Go casual for a cause
  • Add a swear jar to your office or workshop
  • Put a collection tin at your reception or order counter
  • Organise an event with your social club
  • Sell a unique product or service with a portion of the sale donated to us.
  • Hold a charity ball for your end of work Christmas party.

Before you start raising money, we need to approve your fundraising activity. Contact us for information.

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