Akii Ngo Lifely Challenge host

Introducing Akii Ngo: Your Host for The Lifely Challenge

Lifely is thrilled to introduce Akii Ngo as the host for The Lifely Challenge: A Scavenger Hunt for All Abilities, taking place on Saturday, 9 December 2023 to celebrate Lifely’s 40th anniversary. Akii’s incredible journey and passion for disability advocacy make them the perfect choice to lead this inclusive and exciting event.

Akii Ngo’s Remarkable Journey

Akii Ngo (they/them) is an internationally recognised multi-award-winning disability and gender equity advocate, trainer, educator, and activist. They are deeply committed to promoting disability rights, human rights, intersectionality, inclusion, and survivor advocacy. Akii is also known for their dedication to non-tokenistic representation and co-design, which aligns perfectly with Lifely’s focus on “Making the Everyday Better.”

Why Lifely Chose Akii Ngo

Lifely has selected Akii Ngo as our host because they bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a true understanding of our mission. As a person from the disability community, Akii embodies the principles we hold dear. Their cheerful and community-driven approach to disability support resonates with Lifely’s core values.

Akii Ngo’s Impressive Accomplishments

Akii Ngo’s accomplishments are truly remarkable. In 2022, they were named a United Nations International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) Ambassador. Additionally, in 2023, Akii was honoured as the Disability Leader of the Year in the Inclusion category.

Akii identifies as a proud, disabled, neurodivergent individual (Autistic, CPTSD & ADHD) who is gender-diverse, trans, non-binary, and Queer/LGBTIQA+. They come from a refugee background and live with numerous complex chronic illnesses, disabling chronic pain, and various physical disabilities.

Beyond their advocacy work, Akii is an expert matter consultant, trainer, facilitator, writer, keynote presenter, and internationally published & represented model. Their extensive experience includes roles such as Sydney WorldPride’s Accessibility Manager, Consultant: Senior Co-design and engagement for the NDIA (focusing on the LGBTIQA+ strategy), Councillor on the Victorian Disability Council, and participation in numerous advisory groups and committees for various causes across Australia.

A Champion of Positive Change

Akii Ngo is also a qualified public health nutritionist, policy, community development, and health promotion practitioner with nearly 14 years of experience. Throughout their career, they have remained dedicated to creating positive and sustainable change for marginalised communities, particularly multi-marginalised individuals who represent a myriad of identities and intersections.

Connect with Akii Ngo

For more information about Akii’s consultations, activism, advocacy, representation, modelling, and diversity work, you can connect with them on social media at @akii_ngo on Instagram or visit their website at www.akiingo.com.

We are honoured to have Akii Ngo as our host for The Lifely Challenge. Join us on 9 December 2023 for an event that embodies the spirit of inclusivity, empowerment, and community-driven support. Together, we will make a positive impact! #LifelyChallenge #AkiiNgo #InclusionMatters