New groups for Central and Northern Victorian Carers

New groups for Central and Northern Victorian Carers

We understand that amidst the hustle and bustle of caregiving, finding a moment for oneself can often feel like a luxury. That’s precisely why we’re thrilled to introduce our latest family and carer support groups designed with you in mind.

It is vital carers feel supported and connected

Caring for someone with a disability takes a lot of heart, patience, and strength. That’s why it’s crucial for carers to feel like they have a support system and are part of a community. Think about it: trying to handle everything alone can be overwhelming. But with family and carer support groups, it’s a whole different ball game.

These groups are like a breath of fresh air, offering a chance to chat, share tips, or release steam. They’re not just about emotional support, though; they’re also about sharing practical advice. It’s all about making the journey smoother and more fulfilling for the carer and the one they care for.

Relaxed and inclusive spaces for carers

Lifely’s family and carer support groups are like those local coffee shops where everyone knows your name – super welcoming and inclusive, just the spot for carers to feel at home! Our support groups are crafted to be a blend of warmth, understanding, and camaraderie. It’s not just about sharing experiences; it’s about building a community.

Lifely’s newest family and carer support groups

CLIC (Carers Living in Castlemaine Support Group)Set in a cosy cafe ambience, CLIC is our monthly haven for carers in Castlemaine. It’s a place to sip on your favourite brew, share stories, and form connections beyond the ordinary.

COMS (Carers of Maryborough Support Group): If you’re in Maryborough, COMS is your monthly cafe rendezvous. It’s all about good conversations, peer support, and a slice of cake on the side!

Mildura Men’s Carer Support Group: Attention to our male carers! This monthly gathering at a relaxed pub offers a unique space to share experiences, enjoy a hearty meal, and find camaraderie among fellow carers.

Bendigo Blokes Understanding Disability Carers Group: Tailored for those keen on diving deeper into the nuances of disability care, this group offers a comfortable pub setting for discussions, support, and bonding.

Join Us and Be Part of the Lifely Community

Carers, your role is invaluable, and we believe you deserve spaces that recognise and celebrate your journey. Our support groups are a small gesture to ensure you feel seen, heard, and supported.

More information about Lifely’s family support services is available on our website. 

To join one of our family and carer support groups, check out our events page, register your attendance and mark your calendars. Let’s make these gatherings a regular part of your self-care routine.

For more details or any queries, please drop us a line. We’re here to help, always.