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Mildura unlocked: nine accessible attractions.

Hey there! Welcome to Mildura, a lovely spot along the Murray River in Victoria, Australia. Do you know what makes this place even cooler? Its commitment to being inclusive and accessible! In this blog, we will check out 11 of Mildura’s most disability-friendly attractions, so everyone can have a blast and enjoy the beauty of this region.

Mildura Arts Centre

First, the Mildura Arts Centre is a place for creativity and fun. They’ve ensured everyone can join the party with ramps and elevators around the building. So, whether you’re using a wheelchair or need a hand getting around, no worries – they got you covered!

Check out what’s on at the Mildura Art Centre.



Mildura Riverfront

Fancy a stroll by the river? The Mildura Riverfront is the place to be. It’s got wide pathways and accessible facilities so everyone can enjoy the fun. Bring your wheelchair or push a stroller – it’s all good along the wharf and paths! The views of the Murray are simply stunning.

Mildura’s Water Play is a popular spot with Mildura’s families. The splash park features shallow wading pools, water jets, fountains and bridges, providing a wide range of sensory play and experiences. Watch out; it can be slippery and  Water Play has a toilet, BBQ and picnic facilities, and nearby coffee and food. Water play operates daily and is free.

Plan your accessible trip to the Mildura Riverfront with Mildura Rural City Council’s fantastic interactive map.



Rio Vista Historic House

Now, let’s take a trip back in time to the Rio Vista Historic House. It was once home to William Chaffey, and they’ve made it easy for everyone to visit. They have accessible entrances and guided tours designed for folks with mobility challenges. You’ll get a peek into the city’s history without any hassles!

Find out more about Rio Vista Historic House.


Woodsies Gem Shop

If you’re into shiny gems, you’ll love Woodsies Gem Shop. This family-run gem paradise has thought about accessibility too. They’ve ensured their entrance is easy to use, and the inside is spacious with plenty of room to manoeuvre. No worries about missing out on the sparkly treasures!

The shop’s website has all the details you need about prices and access!


Ornamental Lakes

Need a peaceful break? The Ornamental Lakes are right in the heart of Mildura, offering a serene escape. The pathways around the lakes are wheelchair-accessible, so you can take a tranquil walk and soak in the beauty of nature.

Learn more about the park on the Mildura Rural City Council website.



Mildura Waves Aquatic and Leisure Centre

Ready to cool off? Head to the Mildura Waves Aquatic and Leisure Centre! They’ve made it accessible for everyone. With changing rooms and pool hoists that work for folks with disabilities, you can splash around and have a blast in the water.

Visit the website to plan your perfect accessible afternoon by the pool.


Australian Inland Botanic Gardens

Nature lovers, this one’s for you! The Australian Inland Botanic Gardens is a massive 140-hectare area filled with gorgeous plants and wildlife. They’ve got accessible paths to explore all the beauty without barriers.

Take a look at the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens pathways map online.


Mildura City Market

Fancy some local crafts and yummy produce? The Mildura City Market is the place to be on each month’s first and third Sundays. Held in Langtree Mall, the market is close to accessible facilities and parking spots for visitors with disabilities so that everyone can enjoy the lively market vibes!

Find out more on the market’s website.


Mildura Golf Resort

Calling all golf fans! The Mildura Golf Resort is waiting for you. They have special golf carts and accessible facilities, making it easy for people with disabilities to have a great time on the green.

Book your accommodation or tee-off time online.


More accessible attractions and amenities

Mildura is a place that genuinely cares about inclusivity, and that’s what makes it so awesome! Mildura has many more disability-accessible places to explore; everyone can have a blast in this beautiful region.

Supporting people with disabilities in Mildura and surrounds

Lifely is a proud part of the Mildura community, offering one-on-one support, social groups, support coordination, plan management, advocacy and carers programs from our 138 Lime Avenue office. For more information about our Mildura services check out our services page. To register, please telephone 1300 799 421 or contact us online.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s hit the road and enjoy all that Mildura has to offer!